Our environment…

“The cradle of our olive juices”

Although our company has its headquarters in the Renaissance city of Úbeda (World Heritage City), our olive groves are in Sierra Sur of Jaén. It is these magnificent lands an their natural environment that make these ecological olive groves (Certified by the CAAE,-Andalusian Committee of Ecological Agriculture) our pride.

Look from the valley and recreate yourself in that steep silver forest where men work with love, respect and willingness to offer, fruit of that effort, this liquid gold that is our pride and heritage in oil.

Steep mountains that do not escape the inclemency of time, centuries of effort and dedication model the landscape of these mountains and offer it to us in all splendor full of life, vegetation, fauna.

Our products…

“Our treasure”

We like sharing the best we have and disclose the qualities and qualities of these unique olive juices, not only for its quality, but also for its production, since our commitment to the agriculturists of the area and the limited production makes it exclusive.

Our ECO-EVOO is ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY, EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil, the result of an early harvest and an elaboration under scrict quality controls. Extra virgin olive oil is undoubtedly one of the healthiest products of our Mediterranean diet, thanks to its phenolic compounds. If we also add that it is ORGANIC, we are offering you an EVOO of the highest quality, highly recommended in weight control diets, as well as in the prevention and cure of cancer.

As a company with innovative concerns, we add to our range of products the ECO-EVOO pearls, spherifications of our organic oil, Pedro Ximenez vinegar pearls and olive seeds.

Our crops…

“The fruit taken care of with heart”

This olive grove and its fruit are the result of the care and dedication of its producers who opt for organic crop, with clear intention to leave a better legacy to their children and grandchildren, as well as the care of their natural environment.

The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil “GLORIAE” is the result of an arduous work done with the heart. Hours of effort and fatigue dedicated to a broken and steep land, where the daily work and the harvesting of the olives are noticeably more difficult since their mechanization is almost null.

In GLORIAE we work only with agriculturists who respect the natural cycle of the olive tree, and its environment, in order to maintain the sustainability of the environment.

Our commitment…

“Give value to our culture, our products and our people”

ECO-LITSAE SL is a company that was born to reward the efforts of a small group of agriculturists in Sierra Sur of Jaén, who, committed to the environment, decide to opt for an organic crop. Olive groves which dress the mountain of forests and fill them with life.

Committed to suistainability and fair trade to offer products of highest quality while respecting the environment and offering our agriculturists an adequate price so that their oil has the recognition it deserves.

Solidarity project…

“FELI foundation”

Fundación FELIIn addition ECO-LITSAE S.L. allocates 8% of its sales to F.E.L.Í Foundation. (Foundation for Education and child training). This foundation was created with the idea of providing social and educational coverage to the most needy families in the city of Úbeda, collaborating with the solidarity network of this city.

Since 2010, it opened its borders to other countries such as Senegal (DiaraDieri), initiating not only educational projects, but training the population to have the necessary means and for being self-sufficient. (They are currently working on the canalization to bring the water to the village). In 2013 his collaboration was in Nepal with help in school and library. In 2015 with food after the earthquake.


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